10 guests, 10 crew

Yacht Spirit is a perfect rejuvenation charter

TOYS:  6.75m Yachtwerft Meyer, Open boat, 30kts single prop tender with Bimini,  6.2m Pascoe Open boat 30kts, Jet drive RIB tender, 2 YAMAHA VXR HP Waverunners,  7m Freestyle  water slide from sundeck,  2 Sea Single Doughnuts,  3  2 seat canoes with rudders,  glass bottom 2 seat canoe,  Voodoo Kneeboard,  Lanai Towable Lounge,  Luna Wakeboard (133cm),  Trip Wakeboard (138cm),  130L JP Funride Windsurfer, 2 Power glide 4.0 and 6.5 rigs for Windsurfers,  JP Widebody Windsurfer 10'9" x 32,  2 Cayago VX2 Sea Bobs,  Large Inflatable Trampoline,  Aquaglide, 4 in 1 multisport kayak kit,  Connelly water skis, 1 set double and 1 single, Fishing gear,  dive gear, BEACH SET-UP AND BBQ