12 guests, 12 crew

Motor Yacht STARFIRE is 178’ in length (54M). She has a beam of 31.5’ and a draft of 11.5’. She was built in Italy by the Benetti boatyard. STARFIRE is 757 tons and has a fuel capacity of 35,000 gallons (140,000 liters). Her maximum speed is 15 knots and she cruises at 13 knots. She has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. Launched in 1998, STARFIRE has been through two refits, one in 2002 and the other in 2004. Included in her 2004 refit was the addition of at anchor stabilization, which is a true advancement in the yachts performance. STARFIRE has the latest and most technologically advanced communication system in the industry. With a new Ku Band satellite, we are now able to offer full communication docked and at sea. This innovated system provides the owners and guest with high speed wireless internet access around the world. In addition, a state of the art audio visual system has been installed to provide the best available programming and reception no matter the destination. Along with STARFIRES’ technical advances, her 2004 refit included an interior transformation from Traditional Orient to Art Deco. To better suit the owners’ style; custom furniture was paired with a collection of exquisite fabrics to create and elegant and inviting yacht.. Great effort and craftsmanship was put into STARFIRE to make her look and perform to the highest of levels. We sincerely appreciate your consideration in maintaining her facilities and welcome you aboard.

TOYS:  2 Two person Yamaha 750hp Jetskis, 1 Henckley 36ft,  Novarania 14ft add tubes, 2 one person kayak, 2 two person kayak, 1 trampoline, scuba equipment, snorkeling equipment, 2 folding bikes, 1 water tobbogin, Starfire channel that posts the local weather, menu, daily events, and photos. A central music station, a TV and DVD player in every room, KUBAND satellite Wireless internet with a Dell laptop in every cabin